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William Sylliaasen and Mike Lee became business partners in 2001 with a shared vision of quality interpretation for all people in all situations. This did not seem to be the case in most interpreted situations. More times than not when all parties had finished their business at hand, you could tell that something was lacking: PROFESSIONALISM.

William Sylliaasen has been a nationally certified freelance Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf since 2000.
Having been in a variety of situations where Interpreters arrive at mental health appointments late, in shorts and tank tops, talking on their cell phones (non-business related calls, and/or talking about things that are inappropriate in any work environment), along with other non-professional behaviors.

I have seen instances where Interpreters fail to show up to Social Services appointments, and have seen the look of shock and confusion when they must pack up their families and reschedule their appointment. Not because of the Social Worker, or by any fault of their own, but due to the lack of professionalism that Interpreter chose to use that day.

After seeing many of these situations time and time again, we started thinking about the ease that County, State, and private agencies could have if there was one place to go where they were insured quality work with a professional Interpreter. This is why we established Access Language Connection. We plan to have Access Language Connection be Northern California’s “One Stop Shop” for any language’s translation needs.

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